Mental health problems are common in Florida and throughout the United States as a whole. Issues like depression and anxiety are the most prevalent mental health disorders, but other disorders like schizophrenia also present a significant problem. North Lauderdale is a small city in the middle of Broward County, with a population of around 40,000 people. Even in this small municipality, mental health is a significant concern. Learn more about mental health treatment in North Lauderdale and the state of Florida.

North Lauderdale Mental Health Statistics

Florida has a reputation for strange and offbeat news stories where a “Florida man” commits an outlandish crime. While those stories are largely a result of Florida’s open government policies and media exploitation, mental health issues can lead to homelessness, substance problems, and legal problems, which is prevalent throughout South Florida. In Florida, around 660,000 adults and 181,000 children have a severe substance use disorder, which can include issues like bipolar disorder, severe depression, and schizophrenia.

North Lauderdale is in the center of Broward County, which has around 2,000 homeless people on the streets each night. Some of the major contributing factors to homelessness include substance use and mental disorders.

Most Common Mental Health Issues In North Lauderdale

North Lauderdale sees most of the same mental health issues that are prevalent in the rest of the country. By far, the most common mental health problems are mood disorders like depression and anxiety disorders. Behavioral disorders are also common, and that can include substance use issues and eating disorders. Less common issues like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia still have more than 200,000 U.S. cases each year.

North Lauderdale’s Mental Health Rankings And History

Florida’s recent history with mental health treatment is marred by an unfavorable ranking. When it comes to governmental spending on health care, Florida ranks last among the 50 states, spending just $36 per person. Florida is also ranked 12th in the prevalence of mental illness in the United States. Florida was also ranked 44th in access to care, with more than 61 percent of people with a mental illness not receiving treatment.

Quick Treatment Facts

Mental health disorders can be complicated, and there’s no one treatment method that works for everyone. However, mental health issues are usually treatable with therapy or medications. Still, it’s essential to know that treatment may require some trial and error. It’s common for people to try several approaches before finding the right one for them. When taking a medication, it’s important to let your doctor know about your symptoms and any side effects you experience. They may be able to adjust the dose or change medications to provide the most benefit while avoiding side effects.

Even mild mental health issues can be helped by treatment. Many people assume they have to be in crisis before they should seek mental health treatment. However, many people experience problems that could be addressed. Stress, anxiety, and depression are so common that most people experience them at some point in their lives. Therapy can help you learn ways to cope with those issues more effectively.

Mental health issues can affect anyone. Many people think they can power through mental health problems or that they can’t be affected by anxiety, depression, or other issues. However, no one is immune to these problems, and addressing them could help you avoid more severe issues.

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