At Vista Pines, you become a member of our family as soon as you walk through the door. Our certified and experienced staff is committed to your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Thus, we offer an array of treatment options that make sustained recovery possible. Plus, we have cultivated an environment that is warm, inviting, and judgment-free. At Vista Pines, we champion your wellness. We look forward to providing you with the people, care, and resources to help you get healthy.

We Treat A Variety of Disorders

The prevalence of mental illness in the U.S. makes it a public health emergency. Almost 47 million American adults experience mental illness in a given year. Among them, only 42.6 percent received any mental health treatment services.

That is where we come in.

Vista Pines is an inpatient mental health facility that provides specialized care to treat the most common mental illnesses, including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and bipolar disorder.

We provide expert, signature care which encompasses highly-trained staff, personalized treatment, intimate settings, and comfortable accommodations and amenities.


We provide trauma-focused treatment to effectively tackle the symptoms of PTSD, including cognitive processing therapy (CPT), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), and prolonged exposure (PE) therapy. The goal is to help you confront, process, and transform memories and images associated with past trauma.


The various conditions, signs, and effects of depression require a nuanced, multimodal approach. Thus, we offer proven therapy and care through an integrated treatment plan that aims for your optimal well-being. We offer therapeutic approaches like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), individual and group therapy, approved medications, and, in severe cases, hospitalization.


Generalized anxiety disorder is best addressed through a combination of psychotherapy and medication. We offer CBT, regarded as the most effective form of psychotherapy for anxiety disorders. We also provide approved medications like antidepressants and sedatives. This comprehensive approach diminishes symptoms and empowers you to re-engage with life.

Bipolar Disorder

The best treatment option for bipolar disorder is one that incorporates psychotherapy, medication, and hospitalization when necessary. We offer these approaches because they have been proven to help balance mood, replace negative beliefs with healthy ones, and provide intervention when dangerous symptoms arise.


Because OCD has the ability to overtake your life, it requires a comprehensive approach that combines CBT and the application of approved medications. The evidence-based treatment we provide includes CBT and antidepressant medications to address symptoms if needed. The overall goal is to help you achieve an optimal state of living.

Schizoaffective Disorder

People with schizoaffective disorders tend to respond well to an integrated plan that includes psychotherapy, medications, life-skills education, and vocational training. Thus, we treat these disorders with CBT and medication, which can include antipsychotics, mood-stabilizer, or antidepressant medications. We also provide social skills and vocational training to help our clients attain improved wellness.

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