Depression Treatment in Broward County

Depression affects millions of people every day and in almost every age range. Florida is not exempt from the number of people who struggle with the different types of depression. Neither is Broward County.

The global COVID-19 pandemic contributed to the number of people who fought with symptoms of depression and thoughts of suicide. The Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention from Mental Health America noted that in July 2020, more than 72,000 individuals in the state relayed they had moderate-to-severe symptoms of depression. Additionally, from the end of May 2020, almost every racial or ethnic group has been experiencing consistently higher rates of suicidal ideation.

The state report on depression from America’s Health Rankings indicates that 17.7% of people’s health professionals told them they had a depression disorder, including major depression. More women than men have depression, and women aged 45 to 64 were told they had depression.

Youth and young adults struggling with depression and/or suicide ideation are not to be forgotten. A little more than 13 percent of youth ages 12 to 17 had major depressive disorder, according to the SAMHSA Florida Behavioral Barometer (Page 6). The report also indicates 38.4% of those received depression care. Around 205,000 young adults aged 18 to 26 had serious thoughts of suicide.

Suicide and suicide ideation are not to be dismissed for any person living in Broward County. The Florida Department of Health 2019 report for the county on suicide and self-harm indicated that 144 took their lives with people aged 55-64 in the group with the most. Other distressing data from the report shows that 10,946 individuals were hospitalized for mood and depressive disorders.

However, there is positive news about depression, depressive disorders, and help for those considering suicide in Broward County. Broward County has 2,722 behavioral/mental health providers, as reported in 2019. Two years later, there may be more.

Depression is a very treatable mental health disorder, and help is near at Vista Pines Health.

Vista Pines Treatment in Broward County

Various factors cause depression, and they all need to be addressed to bring about long-lasting change. Not only do psychological aspects need consideration, but so do the biophysical and social factors contributing to depression.

Depression is also linked to substance abuse. You may think that drinking alcohol or taking drugs makes you feel better, which it may do for a brief time. Self-medicating is quite common with people with depression, even though it has no lasting feeling of relief. Often, the longer you abuse alcohol or drugs, the more tolerant your system becomes to the effects you once experienced. 

This might compel you to drink more or take a higher dose of the drug(s) to get those same feelings of relief you once felt. When you begin to have withdrawal symptoms after not abusing the substance(s), dependence is indicated. Many people will abuse the same substance(s) again to relieve withdrawal symptoms. When you put substance use above everything else in your life, you are addicted.

Depression treatment at Vista Pines Health is focused on treating your depression and substance abuse if that’s the case. When you are admitted into our program, you and a counselor will sit together for an assessment of your most urgent issues. This will help the staff determine the right level of care for you.


If you have been abusing substances, most likely, you will go into detox. As your body begins eliminating all of the toxins from it, you will be medically observed to ensure you are as comfortable and safe as possible. Our medical professionals are caring and dedicated professionals who are present to tend to every medical need that may arise. They are there to taper down any prescription medicine you’ve been abusing. 

They may also provide fluids to keep you hydrated, as many withdrawal symptoms can result in dehydration. It is crucial to use an accredited detox center with licensed medical professionals who are immediately available should you experience dangerous withdrawal symptoms, such as seizures. Some facilities may release you from care if they consider you to have “serious medical issues.” Vista Pines Health’s professional medical care team can handle whatever medical issue arises.


If it is required, you may be admitted into our inpatient/residential treatment program. This program will give you more time to work on improving your mental health condition in a setting that is comfortable and safe. You will be away from the distractions in your life so that you can devote your time to healing and learning how to manage your depression. An individualized treatment plan is developed with your input ensuring that not only are you getting the best in treatment protocols but that you have a chance to participate in educational sessions.

Below, you will find some of the proven, evidence-based treatment methods we provide.

Treatment Methods

There are three primary treatment methods that are standard in both depression and substance use treatment.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a psychotherapy that focuses on changing dysfunctional emotions, thoughts, and behaviors through investigation and removing negative or irrational beliefs. It relies heavily on what you tell yourself that results in feelings of depression in the present moment. You will learn how to address rational concerns practically and challenge irrational beliefs that result in feeling depressed. CBT is a proven treatment method for many mental health disorders and substance use disorders.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) will provide new skills to deal with painful emotions and lessen relationship conflict. You will focus on accepting and being present in the present moment (mindfulness), increasing your tolerance of negative emotion and not avoiding it (distress tolerance), managing and changing strong emotions that cause problems for you (emotion regulation), and practice techniques of communicating with others in a way that maintains self-respect, is assertive and strengthens relationships (interpersonal effectiveness).

DBT is a well-respected form of therapy for anyone with mental health and substance use disorders.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis may sound like two different diagnoses, but it is the term used when an individual has both a mental health and substance use disorder. If this is indicated for you, it means you will be given integrated therapies that focus on both disorders simultaneously. Treating both at the same time is treating the whole you and not just one disorder.

Depression Treatment in Broward County FAQ

While there may be many facilities for depression treatment in Broward County, Vista Pines Health in Pembroke Pines is convenient to those who reside anywhere within the county.

It is understandable that you might still have questions regarding depression treatment, so we answer some of the most common questions we hear from potential new clients. Questions about the length of time, cost, and transportation are most often asked, as they are often the primary reasons people do not seek help. If you don’t find the answers you need here, we are always available to help you get them.

How long is rehab?

Each person in our care is different and so are their needs. How long rehab is for one person may be different than for you. Detox can be from three to seven days, and inpatient treatment can be a few weeks to a few months. The essential thing to consider is not how long rehab is but if you are willing to commit to getting mentally and physically healthy again.

Does Vista Pines Health provide transportation?

If you live within the county, you will need to find a way to our campus. We can help you arrange for public transportation if needed, but you will have to pay the fares. You are welcome to call us and ask if we provide transportation from the bus and train stations near our facility. If you are coming from out of state and are thinking of flying here, we provide transportation to and from nearby airports. However, you will have to pay for the airfare.

How much does depression treatment cost?

Generally, depression treatment might run a few thousand dollars. If you have dual diagnosis, it may cost more due to treating substance abuse with detox and medications. No matter what your depression treatment is estimated to cost, you should know that you’re worth every cent. If you’re worried about how much it will be and how to pay for it, we can work with you to find options.

Do I have to travel?

The short answer is yes; you will have to travel. If you have issues regarding traveling, we’re available to discuss what those are and perhaps find other options more suitable.

What insurance carriers does Vista Pines Health take?

We take most of the main insurance carriers and their plans. We are also in-network with some of them, which could save some money for depression treatment. You will need to contact us to ask which ones are in-network. We also advise you to thoroughly review your health insurance plan to determine what it covers and does not. Also, please be sure to note what the co-pays and any co-insurance will be, as well as knowing what your deductible is. You can also contact your insurance provider and ask them if they cover:

  • Detox
  • Inpatient/residential treatment
  • Medications
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