Depression is a common but serious mental health problem that can affect multiple areas of your life. If left unaddressed, depression can strain your relationships, health, and career. However, treatment can help you learn to cope with depression and co-occurring disorders. Learn more about your depression treatment options in Coral Springs.

Depression Treatment in Coral Springs

Depression is a mood disorder that causes you to experience very low moods and a loss of interest in almost all activities. Depression is a common term that’s used to describe many different mood disorders, including major depressive disorder (MDD) and persistent depressive disorder (PDD). Depression can also be caused by bipolar disorder, alongside manic episodes. Depression is one of the most common mental health issues in the United States after anxiety disorders. depression treatment in plantation

It’s the most common cause of disability in the country. Though it may sound like a minor problem to people who haven’t experienced it, depression can be debilitating. It may cause feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, apathy, and despair. It can even cause physical symptoms like fatigue and low energy. Depression can start to take over your life, affecting your relationships, school, and work. It also increases your risk for other issues, such as eating disorders and substance use disorders.

In the U.S., MDD affects roughly 16.1 million people in a given year. That only represents one of the many mood disorders that can cause depressive symptoms. Only around 61.7% of people with major depressive disorder receive the treatment that they need.

Florida has a mental health problem that can affect several aspects of public health in the state. In 2019, around 17.7% of adults in the state say they had major depressive disorder. That number increased from 14.2% in 2016. That same year, 13.8% of adults reported having poor mental health for 14 of the last 30 days. Around 30% of middle- and high-school students reported feeling sadness and hopelessness for two or more weeks in the past year.

Some of the most severe consequences of mental health problems like depression are suicide and severe substance use disorders. In 2019, suicide was the eighth leading cause of death among Florida residents, and 3,427 died by suicide. MDD can cause suicidal thoughts and actions, but treatment can help you to feel better. It’s important to reach out for help as soon as you start feeling suicidal symptoms.

Vista Pines Treatment in Coral Springs

If you’re struggling with a mood disorder like depression, treatment options in Coral Springs  may be able to help you start to feel better. Vista Pines provides high levels of mental health care that involve inpatient programs with both medical and clinical treatment. People with severe mental health issues that put them at risk for severe consequences like suicide often need intensive treatment to address their needs safely. Inpatient treatment may also be useful in treating people that can’t care for their own needs effectively. Here are some of the levels of care that are available at Vista Pines:


Detox refers to high-level inpatient treatment that’s used to treat people with substance use disorders. Of course, not everyone with depression will need to go through a detox program, but mental health and addiction often occur together. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), around half of people that have substance use disorder also struggle with a mental health disorder and vice versa. Addiction can worsen depression, and it often needs to be addressed for depression symptoms to improve.

Detox treats people who are dependent on drugs or alcohol and are likely to go through a withdrawal period when they quit. Medical detox involves the treatment of withdrawal with medications and medical care. Without medical care, some drugs can cause extremely uncomfortable and even dangerous withdrawal symptoms. You may also begin to go through therapy options that can address the roots of substance use and mental health problems.


Inpatient and residential treatment services involve 24-hour treatment and on-site accommodations. Inpatient treatment is for people with high-level medical or psychological needs that require 24-hour medical monitoring. People with medical needs that are occurring alongside depression may need to be monitored by medical professionals to help avoid serious complications. Residential treatment also involves 24-hour care, though it may involve clinically managed treatment rather than medical monitoring.

Residential treatment may be used for people who don’t have medical needs that require intensive care but have psychological and social needs that require 24-hour treatment. Through inpatient and residential treatment, you will go through many hours of therapies each week, including individual and group therapy sessions.

Treatment Methods

Several treatment methods are available at Vista Pines Health. When you begin treatment, you create a treatment plan with the help of your therapist that’s based on your personal needs. The treatment options and therapies you go through will be personalized to address your depression and underlying medical, psychological, and social problems. Here are some examples of treatment methods you may go through at Vista Pines:

  • CBT. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a method of psychotherapy that involves identifying and addressing unhelpful thinking and behavioral patterns. CBT is useful in treating both behavioral and mental health problems. Learning more effective coping responses to triggers and stress can help you overcome issues related to depression and other problems.
  • DBT. Dialectical behavior therapy was initially developed as a treatment for a mental health disorder called borderline personality disorder. It has since been adapted to treat various issues, such as anxiety and depression. It is a modified type of CBT that has a particular focus on acceptance. In DBT, you will learn to live in the moment, cope with stress, and manage your emotions more effectively.
  • Dual Diagnosis. Dual diagnosis refers to a treatment plan that is specifically developed to address two or more issues, including mental health and behavioral health problems. At Vista Pines, Dual diagnosis is used to treat substance use disorders and mental health problems. Because addiction and depression can worsen each other, they need to be addressed at the same time.

Depression Treatment in Coral Springs FAQ

There are several common questions about inpatient treatment, especially concerning cost and transportation. Here are the answers to some key questions about depression treatment at Vista Pines.

How Long Is Treatment?

The length of time you spend on depression treatment will depend on your individual needs. Each person will enter treatment with different needs and underlying disorders that will need to be addressed. You may progress through treatment at different speeds as other people, so there is no hard and fast standard amount of time for treatment.

If you also have a substance use problem, NIDA recommends spending at least 90 days in addiction treatment at various levels of care according to your needs. Typically, inpatient treatment lasts for a few weeks. But there is no cap on the amount of time you can spend in rehab. It ultimately depends on how long it takes for you to heal and progress through treatment.

Does Vista Pines Health Provide Transportation?

Vista Pines can provide help with your travel needs, at least when it comes to getting to the facility and getting to and from appointments while you’re in an inpatient treatment program. If you’re flying in from out of town, you will need to organize your flights. But we can work with you to pick you up from the airport to get you to Vista Pines. While you’re in an inpatient treatment program, you won’t have to worry about transportation. Most of your treatment services will take place at the facility. If you do need to go off-campus for an appointment with a specialist, we can drive you to and from doctor’s visits.

How Much Does Depression Treatment Cost?

Inpatient treatment for mental and behavioral issues can be expensive, similar to other forms of inpatient healthcare. However, inpatient treatment is usually worth the cost for people that actually need it because it’s reserved for people with significant needs. Several factors can influence the cost of treatment, including the length of time you spend in treatment, the therapies you need, and the medications you take.

Do I Have to Travel?

If you live in Coral Springs or the South Florida area, you will be able to attend Vista Pines nearby. However, if you come from out of town and you’d like to go to Vista Pines for treatment, you will have to travel. Whether you live far away or down the street, you’ll need to prepare and pack for a stay in inpatient treatment. If you can’t travel, there may be mental health treatment options in your area.

What Insurance Carriers Does Vista Pines Take?

Vista Pines accepts most forms of private insurance, but we currently cannot accept federally funded insurance programs like Medicare and Medicaid. We have several in-network insurance companies, but if you don’t have one of these, you may still be able to get coverage for treatment at Vista Pines. Call anytime to learn more about insurance.

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