From time to time, we tend to look at the dark side of life. Maybe it was a bad diagnosis at the doctor, or perhaps you recently lost a close friend. No matter the cause, something has potentially led to you feeling depressed right now. Maybe you feel hopeless about the future because of the current pandemic and that things aren’t getting better. Well, it’s important to know that experiencing these emotions is a totally normal means of reacting to the negativity going on in your life or the world. As we got older, we realized that our parents were shielding us from it all and that it’s inevitable we have a few bad days, but things aren’t perfect. You’re entitled to feel this way, to an extent. At a certain point, it could become a problem that interferes with your life and a sign of something more than a bad day or week.

Major depressive disorder, as it’s referred to by professionals, is a common and sometimes severe condition that affects a significant portion of society. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), 19.4 million adults struggle each year in the United States with depression, which equals 7.8 percent of the population. NIMH also mentions that it’s more prevalent in females than males but also affects many children. As was mentioned above, experiencing mood swings from time to time isn’t a serious matter. However, that changes if your depression or mood swings interrupt your ability to fulfill your daily routine or cause suicidal thoughts. Adults between the ages of 18 and 25 are at the highest risk of experiencing depression.

Anxiety is the most common mental illness globally, with depression not far behind. However, the severity of depression can range from one person to the next, and treatment depends on the type of depression a doctor diagnoses you with. A person with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) may respond to light therapy to combat the changing of the seasons and feel better once winter ends. A person with a more severe type of depression will need medicine to treat a chemical imbalance. The disorder will make you feel sad, hopeless and lose interest in activities you once found joy in doing. You’ll also feel hopeless and think differently than you once did. If you’re experiencing anything of this nature, it’s vital to seek professional medical care to determine what can be done.

Fortunately, Florida has a lot for you to do each day and year-round sunshine, meaning you can live life outside if you so please. However, despite the beautiful beaches and weather, Dania Beach residents are prone to developing depression. The entire country is reeling from a pandemic that has left many of us feeling deflated and pushing those with mental health problems over the edge. Unfortunately, many of these individuals started abusing drugs to self-medicate their depression symptoms. The Florida Initiative for Suicide Prevention from Mental Health America found that 72,000 people struggled with moderate to severe depression as of July 2020. From May 2020 and beyond, all racial groups admitted to higher than normal suicidal thoughts.

Suicidal thoughts should never be ignored. Even if you feel someone is doing it for attention, it must be taken seriously. If you’re living in Dania Beach, please reach out for help if you think you have nowhere else to turn. According to a report from the Florida Department of Health, 144 people committed suicide between the ages of 55 and 64. The report also mentions that 10,946 people were hospitalized with depressive disorder, showing how vital it is for someone to get treatment in Broward County. Fortunately, Vista Pines Health can help with your depression.

If you’re battling depression and feel like you can’t go on anymore, let us help you. Depression is an extremely treatable condition. With the right help, you can lead a normal life. Vista Pines Health, located near Dania Beach, is here to help you achieve that normal life.

Vista Pines Depression Treatment in Dania Beach

When it comes to depression, there isn’t a single cause you can blame. Instead, it’s a series of events or a chemical imbalance in the brain.depression treatment in plantation Any of these factors can lead to why you feel depressed, meaning you’ll need help getting to the root of the issue to determine what’s causing it. If you think you’re at a point of no return, you must seek help before turning to drugs, alcohol, or self-harm to cope.

Depression, anxiety, or any mood disorder can spell disaster when it comes to substance abuse. When someone starts using drugs or alcohol, it will provide initial relief, leading the person to use more and more. However, drugs and alcohol won’t provide that same relief as your tolerance builds at a certain point. Eventually, you’ll have developed a substance use disorder and be crippled by depression, especially if you’re experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

When you’ve reached the point of developing a substance use disorder and withdrawal symptoms upon cessation or when you run out, depression treatment in Dania Beach is vital for your safety. Our staff will focus on the root of your depression and help you understand why you started using it. Below we’ll discuss the process and what you can expect before entering into our care.


Detox will be a crucial piece of the puzzle for those who developed a substance use disorder because of their depression. If you use alcohol or benzodiazepines, detox will save your life as they can be extremely dangerous during withdrawal. In some cases, they can be fatal. The first few days will be uncomfortable. However, after around a week, you will be released and ready to work on your depression. The purpose of detox is to keep you safe as these toxins exit your system. Medical professionals could administer medication to lessen your symptoms.


If you’re at risk of relapsing or your home environment isn’t safe, inpatient care is your best option for a healthy, sober, and depression-free future. If your care professionals opt for this and you agree, you’ll live on-site for a period of up to 90 days. During your stay, you can focus on your mental health and not worry about anything outside the walls of treatment. You’ll be busy with activities and going through therapy sessions. Your treatment plan will be tailored around your specific needs, meaning you won’t be exposed to anything you don’t need.

Treatment Methods

Below are some treatment methods you and expect during your stay.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

This psychotherapy is used to treat addiction, depression, and a host of other conditions. The idea is to change how you think, your emotions, and your behaviors by removing irrational beliefs. By removing negativity, you can focus on the present, which is why CBT is beneficial for those with depression.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

This form of psychotherapy is derived from CBT and helps you develop new skills and cope with your negative emotions. During these sessions, you’ll focus on your presence in the moment, known as mindfulness. You’ll also work on regulating your emotions, impersonal relationships, and distress tolerance.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is when you’re diagnosed with a substance use disorder and co-occurring mental health disorder like depression. Before starting therapy, you’ll undergo a thorough assessment to determine if you have any other conditions to help with developing your treatment plan. Please be honest with the staff for the best results.

Depression Treatment in Dania Beach FAQs

How long is rehab?

Rehab is an extensive process that varies from one person to another. For that reason, you’re looking at anywhere from 30 to 90 days in treatment.

Does Vista Pines Health provide transportation?

We will provide transportation to the airport, off-site appointments, and anything that helps get you into treatment. Please reach out to our staff to coordinate prior to arriving. There will be additional costs associated with transportation.

How much does treatment cost?

Someone without insurance will pay more than someone with insurance. There are too many factors to consider for us to provide definitive costs. Please reach out to our staff for a more thorough answer.

Do I have to travel?

Yes, travel is required to our facility.

What insurance carriers does Vista Pines Health take?

We accept most major health insurance providers. We’re also in-network with many organizations. Please reach out to our staff to determine if we accept your plan.

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