Depression is a common mental health disorder affecting millions of people from all walks of life. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) reports that major depressive disorder, one of the main types of depression, affects 16 million Americans per year. It is the leading cause of disability in the country. Americans with persistive depressive disorder (PDD) affect a little more than 3 million.

Drilling down, Florida residents, young and older, struggle with depression, mental illness and are not seeking treatment for mental health conditions. Data for the state pulled from Mental Health America shows the percentages of Floridians struggling to live with mental health issues and lack of treatment.

  • Adult Suicidal Ideation: 3.67%
  • Adult Prevalence of Mental Illness: 17.39%
  • Adults with any mental illness (AMI) who report unmet need for treatment: 21.9%
  • Adults with AMI who did not receive treatment: 63%
  • Youth with a severe major depressive episode (MDE): 9.3%
  • Youth with past-year depression who did not receive treatment: 64.7%

Youth, as noted above, also struggle greatly with depression. Broward County, where North Lauderdale is located, has seen a significant rise in the percentages of kids who feel sad or hopeless, seriously considering suicide, have made a plan to take their life, and other red flag indicators of distress. The Florida Department of Education, using data from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, found these alarming data:

  • Youth feeling sad or hopeless for more than two weeks in a row: 33.7%
  • Youth seriously considering suicide: 15.6%
  • Youth made a plan to take their life: 11.8%
  • Youth attempted suicide: 7.9%
  • Youth purposely hurt themselves without wanting to die: 15.7%

Depression is a treatable mental health disorder. There is no reason to struggle with depressive symptoms when depression treatment is convenient and immediately available at Vista Pines Health Center in Pembroke Pines. We have helped many adolescents and adults who live in or near North Lauderdale.

Vista Pines Treatment in North Lauderdale

Many people with depression will self-medicate with alcohol or drugs to seek relief from thoughts of sadness, hopelessness, and despair. While this may seem like a quick and easy way to get a break from depression, it is also a short-term solution. Once the effects of the substance(s) used dissipates, you may find your depression symptoms come back, and sometimes, more intensely than before. Continuing to abuse drugs or alcohol often leads to dependence and, perhaps later, addiction.

Alcohol and some prescription medication can produce withdrawal symptoms that could be harmful. Shaking, high blood pressure, and seizures can be detrimental to anyone’s health. This is why it is essential to seek help from Vista Pines Health, an accredited and licensed mental health and substance use treatment center in Pembroke Pines.


Detox, also called medical detox, is the first and most vital step when seeking treatment for depression and/or substance abuse. When you start treatment with us, we will begin with an in-depth assessment of your most critical needs. From there, you may be admitted into detox, where you will have 24-7 medical care as your body starts eliminating all the toxins from it. You may be given medication in detox to alleviate any uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms or to manage any adverse reactions you experience. Our staff is experienced in treating all possible withdrawal symptoms, from heavy sweating to seizures. We ensure you are medically stable throughout this time.


Once you are through medical detox, it is possible you may need to be admitted into inpatient/residential treatment. You’ll feel safe and secure on our campus and in your room. Here, you will participate in different therapies as you delve deep into yourself to learn what’s causing your depression. Our caring therapists will guide you through the treatment methods we employ while providing support and encouragement all along the way.

We use evidence-based treatment modalities that have been proven to work with many different mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and also with those with a co-occurring substance use disorder.

Treatment Methods at Vista Pines Health

Below are the three main treatment methods we use.

CBT:  The full name for CBT is cognitive behavioral therapy, a type of therapy that will help you become aware of negative or inaccurate thinking. You’ll learn how to view difficult situations differently and more clearly, and respond to them more positively and effectively while in treatment on our campus. CBT has many benefits, including:

  • Learning new techniques for coping with life’s stressful situations
  • Identifying new ways to manage emotions
  • Managing symptoms of depression and other mental illnesses
  • Learning new ways to communicate that prevent relationship conflict

DBT: Dialectical behavior therapy, abbreviated to DBT, is another type of recommended therapy we strongly believe in. DBT is a structured and intense form of therapy that helps individuals learn how to handle strong emotions. It is especially helpful for children of all ages, according to the Child Mind Institute. It says, “DBT helps kids see when they’re dealing with a problem in a way that’s not helpful to them. It also gives them the tools to manage their problems better.”

Teens who are struggling with depression or having suicidal thoughts might benefit from DBT. It can also be very useful for an adolescent who also struggles with eating disorders, anxiety, ADHD, or substance abuse, all of which our therapists at Vista Pines Health are experienced.

Dual Diagnosis: This is the term used when you have both a mental health disorder, like depression and a substance use disorder. It is not an official diagnosis but rather an indicator that treatment should be integrated to include both disorders. Depression and substance use affect every component of your life. We at Vista Pines Health believe in and practice treating the whole individual – mind, body, and soul.

Depression Treatment in North Lauderdale FAQ

There is much to consider when thinking about seeking depression treatment. It is understandable to have questions relating to what it entails, what it costs, and we recognize that some people will have barriers in seeking treatment. As mentioned above, almost 65 percent of Florida adults and youth did not seek or receive treatment for depression.

If you live in or near North Lauderdale and are thinking about getting help for depression, you will find answers to questions we hear more often than others. If you have more questions, we encourage you to contact us.

How long is rehab?

It’s natural to want to know who long rehab is. Several factors contribute to how long your stay in rehab will be. The primary contributor is you. If you will need detox and are admitted into inpatient care, your length of stay might be longer than someone who doesn’t need detox or someone who only requires outpatient treatment. If you have dual diagnosis (mental health disorder and a substance use disorder), the National Institute on Drug Abuse stresses that 90 days is the recommended time to be in rehab. This may seem like a long time, but it is the time needed for treatment to be most effective.

Does Vista Pines Health provide transportation?

If you live local to our campus in Pembroke Pines, we may be able to arrange transportation for you. If you are coming from quite a distance via air, bus, or train, we provide transportation to and from your arrival and departure stations. You will need to pay for all fares. We may also have transportation if you have an outside doctor appointment or to any support meetings not at our facility.

How Much Does Depression Treatment Cost?

The cost of depression treatment varies depending on where you obtain treatment, any medication given, amenities taken, health insurance, etc. There is not a set dollar figure for it. We do understand that the cost is a major obstacle in getting help, and we do not believe it should be. There are always options for paying for depression treatment. Our friendly intake people can help you determine what the total cost might be.

Do I Have to Travel?

Traveling to our center for depression treatment is necessary no matter where you live. If you have obstacles in traveling to us, please let us know, and we can help.

What Insurance Carriers Does Vista Pines Health Take?

We accept most of the major insurance carrier plans and are in-network with a few. If you choose Vista Pines Health for your depression treatment, we can determine if your current insurance plan is in-network with one of our carriers. If so, this could be cost-saving for you. We also encourage you to review your plan to determine what out-of-pocket costs you might be responsible for, including deductibles that have to be met.

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