It’s common for us to throw the phrase, “you’re so OCD,” or referring to yourself as “so OCD” because of your cleaning habits. While it may appear on the outside you’re struggling with some type of condition; it’s likely much worse than you’d think. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is an often debilitating mental health condition that extends well beyond the urge to be clean or organized. 

For those struggling with mental health conditions, they might have considered getting treatment in South Florida, more specifically Coral Springs. Coral Springs sits in the northwest corner of Broward County, which is due north of Miami-Dade and only 30 minutes from Miami Beach. The city is 12 miles from the closest beach and has been attracting residents to its warm weather and laid-back atmosphere for quite some time. Coral Springs is a beautiful city in South Florida and a great place to consider getting OCD treatment. 

Unfortunately, if you’re a resident of Florida, you may have felt forgotten when it comes to your mental health. A report issued by the Greater Orlando National Alliance on Mental Illness found that a staggering 70 percent of those who need mental health treatment throughout Florida have no idea where to turn. It’s hard to deny the charm and allure of Florida, a booming city like Coral Springs, but if you’re struggling with mental illness, it’s certainly a stain on the state’s reputation. 

Another damning report about the status of mental health treatment in the state showed the ratio of mental health providers in Broward County was a mere 540:1, with the ratio in Florida at 590:1. The Florida Behavioral Health Association also mentioned that 469 mental health treatment centers reside in Florida, with 40 percent of them being outpatient facilities. Nearly 62 percent of adults with mental illness didn’t get help for their condition. For reference, the national average is 56.4 percent. 

Since there aren’t many facilities that offer treatment for OCD, Vista Pines Health has worked to earn a reputation as one of the best in the state for helping clients manage their symptoms. The report we touched on above describes only 19 residential facilities for children and 40 for adults that exist throughout Florida. Only seven of these facilities offer partial hospitalization (PHP) or day treatment.

As was mentioned above, obsessive-compulsive (OCD) can be debilitating and cause a person to lose control over their unwanted thoughts. OCD can lead to other unwanted feelings, obsessions, and behavior. Those struggling with the disorder will attempt to stop these obsessive thoughts that cause them to feel distressed and riddled with anxiety if they fail to carry them out. For some, they could turn to prescription medication, illicit drugs, or alcohol to cope with the symptoms, which can lead to a substance use disorder (SUD). However, there are options available to those with OCD and an addiction they might have developed due to self-medicating. 

OCD Treatment in Coral Springs

Fortunately, to battle some of the shortcomings of Florida’s mental health treatment options, Vista Pines Health is here to help you be on the winning side of your illness. If you live in the South Florida area, Vista Pines Health is located in Pembroke Pines, a hop and a skip from Coral Springs. In 30 minutes, you give yourself the option of receiving comprehensive mental health treatments and therapies to manage your OCD. 

Our facility specialized in mental health treatment for disorders like OCD. Our objective is to teach you how to manage the condition and lead a happy and healthy life. 


If you’ve been using drugs or alcohol to quiet the voices in your head and manage your OCD, you’ll be required to undergo a stint in detox before entering OCD treatment. Medical detox is important because it’s when your body will rid itself of any toxins present in your body. For example, if you’ve been taking benzodiazepines like Xanax or drinking alcohol to manage the symptoms, medical detox can save you from encountering severe withdrawal symptoms like seizures, which can be fatal. 

The objective of medical detox is to stabilize the individual before moving on to the next stage of care. Prior to treatment starting, a medical professional must deem them safe. The client will spend an undetermined amount of time under the close supervision of clinicians for 24-hours a day. Detox typically lasts three to seven days but can be longer depending on the drugs used and length of use. Vista Pines Health offers detox for those who need it. 


The purpose of treatment is to give a person time and professional guidance to focus on their mental health. Fortunately, inpatient treatment is the best option, especially if the person has gone through treatment before and relapsed or has an unsafe home environment. During inpatient care, you’ll be free of distractions and have a schedule to follow, which won’t give you time to think about anything else except the present. 

Vista Pines has worked tirelessly to ensure it’s comfortable for you, and we focus on clinically tested and evidence-based therapies from the best mental health professionals in the industry. They’ll develop a treatment plan that reflects the tailored care you need since no two people require the same approach. 

Treatment Methods

coral springs ocd treatment

While treatment for OCD will follow the same approach as addiction treatment, the types of therapies implemented may differ. The following are the most common treatment methods you can expect from OCD treatment. However, these can vary from one person to another. 

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

If you’re suffering from OCD, cognitive-behavioral therapy is an ideal approach to getting back on track. It’ll help you become aware of negative thoughts and give you the insight to view a troubling situation clearly and respond the right way. CBT is beneficial when it’s used as a solo approach or in conjunction with another therapy. 

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) is meant to help individuals learn new skills to manage their feelings. DBT has four primary areas of focus, including distress tolerance, mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, and emotion regulation. You can find DBT at Vista Pines for OCD treatment in Coral Springs. 

Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET)

If you engage in self-destructive behavior and have no motivation to get help, no matter the consequences, motivational enhancement therapy (MET) can help. It offers five principles that include developing discrepancy, expressing empathy, rolling with resistance, and avoiding argumentation. MET can also help someone with OCD who doesn’t feel they’re engaging in self-destructive behavior and help a person with OCD and a substance use disorder.

OCD Treatment in Coral Springs FAQ

If reading this informative piece about OCD treatment in Coral Springs helped you decide it’s the best choice for you, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions you might have below.

How Long is Rehab?

We cannot provide a definitive answer about the length of treatment; it depends on the circumstances. For example, if you don’t need medical detox because drugs or alcohol aren’t involved, treatment will wrap up faster than someone who needs medical detox and inpatient care. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) states that treatment should last anywhere from 30 to 90 days for the best results, but for someone with severe OCD in conjunction with addiction, they could stay much longer since treatment is tailored to your needs. 

Does Vista Pines Offer Transportation?

The clinicians at Vista Pines will assist you in arranging transportation to off-site appointments, as well as to and from major airports. We want to help you overcome any barriers you have for treatment, so please reach out to see how we can help you with connecting flights, taxis, and other means of transportation to get you the help you need.

How Much Does OCD Treatment Cost?

Again, to reiterate the length of rehab, there is no definitive answer because each client has different needs. If you go through the full continuum of care, including detox, and inpatient care, versus a stint in outpatient, it’s going to cost more. Fortunately, insurance might cover a significant portion. Speak with your insurance provider to learn more. 

What Insurance Carriers Does Vista Pines Health Accept?

Fortunately, Vista Pines accepts most major health insurance plans that are offered. There are several in-network with us, meaning a substantial portion of care could be covered. However, you should always speak to your insurance or the intake coordinators at Vista Pines to determine coverage. Below is a list of insurance providers in-network with us:

  • Cigna
  • Aetna
  • Compsych
  • Beacon (Value Option)
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